Helping with your advocacy, campaign and public affairs needs

Actionable Results

We are a unique one-stop shop for all of your advocacy, campaign and public affairs needs. Through a virtual and direct presence with external stakeholders we can get you actionable results that will have the intended impact on our decision makers.

Advocacy & Issues Management

We think it is best to be proactive rather than reactive when addressing your advocacy needs. At PEAR Strategies, we look to give your organization an achievable plan that clearly identifies your objectives. The identification of these objectives provides us a road map in the development of effective strategy. Our plan will give you an understanding of how policy and politics relate to your operations and give you an advantage when facing regulatory opportunities or obstacles.


Needs Assessment & Strategy Development

Business and public policy do not follow a set schedule, so why should your advocacy program? PEAR Strategies will provide you with 24/7 accessibility, monitoring and advocacy, while offering an interactive virtual portal. We take a proactive approach to involve you in the legislative and regulatory process. With all politics being local, having an understanding of the local ramifications of your issue is vital to developing a well- rounded public affairs strategy that will keep you abreast of pending opportunities and threats.


Relationship Management

Dialogue with public officials and the development of strategic relationships can be critical to your organization’s success. Crafting the right message and knowing your audience makes all the difference to a successful dialogue. Our unique grasp of the public and private sector will yield actionable results that will place you in an advantageous position to communicate your impact. PEAR Strategies will work with you to build long-lasting relationships with key stakeholders.