Campaign Management

Helping with your advocacy, campaign and public affairs needs

Community Relations

Increasingly, community members are becoming more involved with the public policy process. An effective community relations program should include a robust outreach strategy. Surrounding communities must be educated on the merits of a project in order to garner public support. Those who neglect to do so will often encounter red tape, public opposition and project failure. PEAR Strategies will work with you to craft a Strategic Community Relations Plan (SCRP) that will aid you in achieving your public policy goals.


Campaign Management

From local, state and federal campaigns to statewide ballot measures, we partner with clients to develop detailed campaign strategies, effective messaging and robust political collateral that will set you up for a winning campaign. PEAR Strategies offers clients a broad range of political campaign services including:

Strategic Planning Day-to-Day Campaign Operations
Message Development Opposition Research
Targeted Mail Grassroots Organizing
Community Outreach Budget Planning
Fundraising Polling and Focus Groups
Branding Public/Media Relations
Virtual Outreach Website Development and Maintenance


PAC Management

A Political Action Committee (PAC) is a tool used to raise and save money to influence political races and ballot measures by directly contributing to campaigns or administering independent expenditure races on behalf of a candidate or issue.

PACs do not buy votes or guarantee policy decisions from elected officials, but rather secure a seat at the table when decisions are being made. In politics, if you are not at the table you are on the menu and a well run PAC is your insurance policy to remain in business. With a properly run PAC you can help influence policy through electing leaders who are sympathetic to your mission, guide decision making, and impact ballot initiatives.

The first step to effectively influencing change is hiring a firm with a track record and experience managing all sorts of PACs, and PEAR Strategies has just that. With experience guiding local, state, and federal PACs for candidates, organizations and concerned citizens at a high success rate we can help you form a strategic plan for success that will take your advocacy to a new level. Running a successful PAC is more than just raising money and writing checks. A successful PAC is accepting a new culture for your organization and understanding the most effective ways to build a war chest and utilize the resources in an effective manner to become a power player in the political arena. Creating and utilizing effective Independent Expenditures is an art; whether it's targeted mail, video, or radio PEAR has the resources and experience to impact any audience. 


Economic Development

PEAR Strategies understands the holistic approach that is essential to meaningful economic development. With experience working with Economic Development Agencies, Workforce Investment Boards, Business Improvement Districts and an array of other economic development organizations, in a variety of capacities, we have a unique understanding of the comprehensive process required to complete a project or strategic plan.

PEAR Strategies can manage your project at any level by integrating advocacy, outreach, and planning. By building coalitions early and gaining the support of key stakeholders we can help navigate the regulatory and public opinion challenges. The investment of time and capitol on major economic development projects is substantial and it starts with building consensus. Don’t spend your resources on costly legal and permitting battles. Through research and ingenuity these investments can be minimalized and the process can be more streamline. Our proactive approach is the right way to ensure that your project comes to fruition.